Migration Guide

Note: The APIs have changed since the era of sympy.galgebra and brombo/galgebra, some properties and methods are deprecated, the supported versions of Python and SymPy have also changed, please check Changelog and further update your scripts accordingly besides the following. If you encounter any problems, feel free to open an issue!

Migrating from sympy.galgebra

GAlgebra is no longer part of SymPy since 1.0.0, if you have an import like this in your source:

from sympy.galgebra.ga import *

Simply remove the sympy. prefix before galgebra then you are good to go:

from galgebra.ga import *

Migrating from brombo/galgebra

The setgapth.py way to install is now deprecated by pip install galgebra and all modules in GAlgebra should be imported from galgebra, for example:

from galgebra.printer import Format, Eprint, latex, GaPrinter
from galgebra.ga import Ga
from galgebra.mv import Mv, Nga